Sabtu, 22 Maret 2008

where does butter come from?

Butter doesn't come from butterflies or buttercups. Butter comes from milk. Milk is full of tiny, mind globules of fat and we use these fat globules to make butter.

In butter factories, the cream from milk is pured into tanks that look like great big drums. The drums turn and churn the cream. As the cream churns, the globules of
fat come together to make tiny cumps of butter. The rest of the cream, the part that doesn't clump and lump into butter, is drained from the drum. That's what we call buttermilk. All tha is left in the drum, then are lumps of butter. The lumps are washed in cold water. Some are salted. Then a machine cuts the butter into blocks, wraps it in paper and puts it into packages.
A dairy truck takes it to the store where your mother buys it. Now it's ready for ou to spread on your bread.

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